TSEL 2021 graffiti piece

  This is my first piece for 2021. I was honored to be a part of this piece and collection of work by others, as well. I am trying to staying awy from too much and use very little within my piece. I'm sure I will be able to go back old school and use all the elements of American graffiti. I did enjoy this bboy character in honor of YERZ and the TIC crew. 

Painting Classes

 I have been teaching and putting together art classes for some time now and I continue and enjoy doing them. I look forward to putting together more art classes for all ages, class, cultures, themes, styles and colors.  I am posted examples of classes I instructed and put together painting using arylic paints and prushes in a controlled enviornment.  

TSEL/Graffiti Masterpiece

      I recently got the honor to paint up north in my old stomping grounds. I grew up on the Northside of Chicago and I enjoy going there any chance I get. I painted sometime in September, 2020.  I call this 'TSEL' a masterpiece because I want to get better and better each time I paint. So, it is always a privledge to do this since the time I was a child.  To me, painting grafiti art is the best thing that makes me happy and something joyful to do for my culture and community.    


   Recently, I had the opportunity to work closely with friends and family to create a mural to show how we can support our community. This gave us the idea to spray paint a mural to depict what a community mural would look like with everyone involved. We had many people participate painting a huge mural spelling out "COMMUNITY" and we included the Chicago skyline and the Chicago flag. We painted the mural different colors to represent the different colors and diversity of people. Also included in the mural was a black arm raised to represent Black Lives Matter to us and our community.

Special Olympics Illinois Ducks on The Mag Mile

  There are many talented artists and some came together together to paint huge ducks to display as public art on Michigan Ave.  Mario and I participated and we painted a duck representing Adele penguins of Antarctica doing sports and just chilling. Our goal and design for the duck to say anyone can do anything in any weather, as long as you have what it gots to do it, go for it.  It was a challenge just to design and to represnt the skills of athletes who are competitive in their own special ways. Mario knew the harsh ways Adele life is for them and what the must do to survive and thrive in harsg conditions. We want to thank everyone involved and the efforts to bring this endeavor to life. These ducks are scattered on Michigan Ave for the public to see. Here are important links to follow and support. Thank you. Artists: Mario and Nino Rodriguez Special Olympics :  Instagram: @specialolympicsillinois Tik Tok: @specialolympicsillinois Facebook: Special Olympics Illinois Twitter: @SO_Ill


I miss my friend YERZ, he was a talented man who left us early in 2019. I hardly paint with other artists and I wish I had painted more with YERZ. Everyone who knew him will forever be touched by his humor, big heart and honest soul. The entire TIC family misses him also. He will forever be tagged up by me and other.