TSEL graffiti art in October, 2022

      Another great day to paint. I will post the other amazing pieces by the rest of the graffiti artists. Project Logan was a place many graffiti legends came to paint and show their skills on walls. These walls  will probably come down one day. Nothing lasts forever. However, the graffiti art painted all these years will last eternally in the mind for decades. I painted a green theme TSEL piece, showing that Chicago style flavor everyone is familiar with. 

Asheville, North Carolina Painting

                                                        The Great State of North Carolina is a great place to visit and Paint. Jared and the great first Nation from Indigenous Walls Project  represented on this wall. Finished a Chicago wild style "DMZI" to go along with it. 

Art Class at CRYP (Cheyenne River Youth Project)

      It was a great pleasure to go back to Lakota country and teach. These are photos of what we did in the class. Students designed their own art on empty cans of spray paint; they followed me, step by step to create and paint a canvas and they got a chance to paint a cap that they could wear or give as a gift. I have always mentioned to my students that whatever they create, they can give away as a gift.      CRYP (Cheyenne River Youth Project) is a fantastic place that nurtures the Lakota culture and gives back to the community, here is the link to their website and where one can donate or see the beautiful things being done in the heart of America:

Visiting Artist at Muchin College Prep

  It was a great pleasure to go back to Muchin College Prep and discuss, talk and teach all things Graffiti Art related. The students were able to follow me step by step to design and draw CHICAGO style lettering. This was a section to my visit to the school, where I was able to express my love for graffiti art. How I started. Where it has taken me. And where I want graffiti art to go. I am posting examples of what I did and what the students created by following my steps. I think they did an amazing job! It was an honor to be selected as a visiting artist, this was my third time returning. My goal and dream is to paint a full scale mural at the school with the assistance of the students, where it would be a collaboration with them, using their artistic designs and ideas. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the school allows me to paint a mural on their property.